With any legal matter, finding the right representation can be crucial in not only the outcome of the case but the service you receive as well. It is important to not just choose the first law firm you find through a search engine. The right research must be put into finding the right lawyer for your specific case. When trying to find a good social security lawyer, knowing what to look for can make all the difference.

For most social security cases, you will be working with a lawyer for years as the process plays out. One of the first things to be mindful of is how comfortable you feel with the firm, in addition to how you are treated.

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Do you feel the firm is fighting for your best interests or are they just trying to get the matter resolved? Asking about the strategy they tend to employ with the case can provide clarity as to who the firm is working for.

It is also important to check their experience. How long have they been practicing and how many social security cases have they worked on before?

For additional information on finding the right social security lawyer, please review the attached video.