Premises liability is based on the idea that the owner of a property, particularly one that is to be treated as a public space, is responsible at least to some degree for the safety of people while on that property. In this video, premises liability attorney Keith Mitnik explains premises law and his philosophy on this complex subject.

Premises law is a troublesome legal category where there is a lot of room for argument and interpretation. That’s why legal professionals have taken up the task of looking out for the individual victims of premises safety negligence violations.

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Premises law can be very subjective. After all, if we place an obstacle on a walkway and one person trips and another doesn’t, then who is to blame?

The fact is that the law varies greatly from state to state on these matters, and the cases that fall under premises law are both subjective and complex. If you believe you have been the victim of an act of negligence and have been injured, the legal professionals at Morgan & Morgan can help.

Don’t let individuals who weren’t there and don’t understand the circumstances decide whether or not you get the compensation you deserve. Call Morgan & Morgan.