Municipal law is a term that is used in various ways. In one way, this law refers to any law that applies within a nation as opposed to nationally. Any law that pertains to the internal working of a country’s government is considered municipal law. On the other side of things, international law is given to represent the body of law used within a given municipality.

This distinction is important because international law will take precedence unless a country can prove that this law fundamentally contests with the value of their country. For example, if a national law was passed that gave all women across the world the right to vote, many nations would not comply with this because it goes against reestablished cultural norms.

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This would then be brought to an international court if there could not be an agreement over the conflict.

There are standards and guidelines that are in place to prevent these struggles. The laws are usually run by a governing body within a municipality to ensure the laws are enforced and run smoothly in a given area. If you want to learn more about the two facets of municipal law, follow along with the video and do further research on the topic by contacting municipal law lawyers near you.