With any court proceeding, evidence needs to be gathered and examined prior to bringing a case before a judge in order for the prosecution to have the opportunity to prove the guilt of the suspect. To keep people out of jail while evidence was being obtained, the process of posting bail was invented at the cost of a fee determined by a judge. However, some people do not have the fund readily available to post bail. Understanding bail bonding services can allow you to decide if the services are right for you.

Bail bonds provide people accused of crimes the ability to post bail in order to return to their everyday lives as evidence is gathered for court proceedings. The bail bonding service will typically charge the person accused of the crime between 10 to 20% of the total bail cost as a form of down payment.

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They also require some form of collateral as an incentive for the person to return to court at their predetermined date. These items put down for collateral are typically high-value items the person accused of the crime owns, such as a vehicle, their home, or any assets they may possess.

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