Are you in a custody battle with your ex or are anticipating one? The struggle over child custody can be emotional and difficult to get through. The video is narrated by a child custody lawyer who gives sound advice on the mistakes to avoid when going through this process.

Here are some of the things you should not do before, during, or after a custody battle. At the top of the list is not allowing the other parent to see the children.

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If you are currently the primary caregiver, you must allow your ex to parent their child. Judges are interested exclusively in the welfare of the child, and they will be looking at who is fostering the parent-child relationship. You should also avoid disparaging the other parent in front of the child. This can harm the child psychologically and end up in court as evidence of your unfitness.

A third thing you should avoid is making allegations that can be substantiated. Any accusation you make against the other parent must be backed up with evidence. Not being active in the child’s life is also a mistake that too many parents make. You should be intimately familiar with what goes on in the daily life of your child. Now you know the mistakes to avoid when trying to get child custody.