What Do Elder Law Attorneys Do?

Elder law attorneys are hired to advocate for senior citizens’ rights. Their purposes range from helping with long-term care need applications (for example, into skilled nursing facilities or homes) or helping prepare estate planning documents. They typically serve folks born between the years 1946 and 1964. An elder law lawyer’s services also extend to disabled […]

Understanding the Roles of Different Types of Lawyers

The legal profession is complex and varied, and lawyers play various roles in the justice system. Lawyers are involved in researching and interpreting the law, representing clients in court, providing legal advice, and drafting or negotiating contracts. Some lawyers focus on particular areas, such as tax, criminal, or family law, while others prefer practicing in […]

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are a complex, sensitive concept. A bail bond is a court-settled agreement for a criminal defendant to show up for a trial or pay a certain amount of money demanded by the court. Bail is collateral to convince the judge to release them until they reach their trial. Video Source Again, this bail […]

What Do Municipal Law Lawyers Do?

Municipal law is a term that is used in various ways. In one way, this law refers to any law that applies within a nation as opposed to nationally. Any law that pertains to the internal working of a country’s government is considered municipal law. On the other side of things, international law is given […]

What Is Premises Law?

Premises liability is based on the idea that the owner of a property, particularly one that is to be treated as a public space, is responsible at least to some degree for the safety of people while on that property. In this video, premises liability attorney Keith Mitnik explains premises law and his philosophy on […]

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Reasons Why You May Need a Tailored Estate Plan

Although almost everyone fears death, many people do their best to make sure they have everything in order. One way to do that is by creating a tailored estate plan. This is a method of planning for the distribution of assets and trusts after the owner dies. It is important to hire an estate plan navigator who can help you […]